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Tales of Sandur

Tales of Sandur


“The Banjaras are a nomadic tribe, believed to be descended from the original Aryan Roma gypsies of Europe. These gypsies migrated through Central Asia and Afghanistan, to settle in the deserts of Rajasthan. Their nomadic lifestyle led them to travel across India, taking with them grain, salt and messages.”

Being creative, to have an artistic soul the mind has to travel far, far away from the daily complications, of life. To the land of freedom where our soul drive free.

Aren’t our mind the

greatest gypsies ever?

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra (SKKK) has given the banjaran women a rooted ground where they could show their craft and talent, by accommodating 500 lambani women which started with a group of barley 12. They are ensuring a better life to the people by finding them their market and making crafts more relevant to modern taste.

SKKK is supported by SMIORE for infrastructure, marketing and design development. Lambani needlework has evolved with centuries.

At MYROOTS we are fortunate to be able to get connected to such decade old craft and craftmen, All gratitude of SKKK.

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