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Vibrant Kalamkari’s for any occasion

Vibrant Kalamkari’s for any occasion

Sarees are a timeless and of the most elegant outfit for women, something that oozes charm and beauty. From weddings, to home, to work, these can be worn just anywhere. We at Myroots.dsi love the Kalamkari Saree. Made by the artists in Andhra Pradesh, they have intricate hand painted designs on them. One of the most elaborate way of making this 9 yards, Kalamkari requires 17 steps to bring it to life and the most craftsmanship is seen on them. is here to tell you the kalamkari’s you must have in your wardrobe for when you need to keep it simple yet elegant!

  1. Simple colours & beautiful borders

    A classic piece in the cupboard, this is the saree you will look at when you are confused what to wear at work..a simple uni-colour wear with designs on the borders, this is an outfit you wont have to splurge for. And the best thing, you could wear it just anywhere. Accessorise heavy for a party and keep it simple at work!

  2. Tell a story

    Kalamkaris often tend to capture the temple scenes from the great epics or delicate scenes from nature and surroundings. Have one such piece in your trousseau to add radiance to wherever you go! The intricate scenes on glossy fabric paired up with matching jewellery is just the thing to wear to that cocktail dinner you are going.

  3. The black beauty

    Like a little black dress, a black beautiful kalamkari is a must have in the wardrobe. The best thing about this one is that the hand painting distinctly visible making it look excessively beautiful. Contrasting with plain bold blouses is the way to go for any wedding or function…so wear it at your favourite events and let the world go gaga over your prints!

    Kalamkari’s are primarily made in basic colours with red, black & yellow being the favourite. This captivating arty style fabric is catching up fast in the country and entire world,. To start collecting your own unique prints, check out the collection on our online store from the best craftsmen across India, and let your 9 yards tell a story. Happy Shopping!