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Trendy Ways Men Can Wear Khadi Kurtas All Year Round

Trendy Ways Men Can Wear Khadi Kurtas All Year Round

The kurta pajama has been the go-to attire for men wanting to flaunt a traditionally fashionable look for many centuries now. Over time, this classic Indian garment has been reinvented in different ways- using new fabrics, with fresh embellishments and in varied silhouettes. The latest trend in ethnic menswear that breathes out elegance and cool all through is khadi kurtas for men.

khadi kurtas for men

Khadi is a cotton based fabric that’s hand woven on a spinning wheel. Khadi, due to its deep connection with India’s freedom struggle, never fails to invoke ideas of independence and individuality among its patrons. Indeed, kurtas made of khadi stand for independence of the wearer. This unique fabric allows wearers to feel free and comfortable in all seasons. Khadi is like a magic material that keeps wearers cool in the heat and warm when the weather gets chilly. If you are a lover of expressing your individuality through fashion, then handwoven khadi kurtas are ideal choices because of their adaptable nature. They fit the wearer like they have been crafted for them specifically.

Let’s discover some cool ways men can style khadi kurtas in all seasons:


Summer brings with it oppressive heat, but we need to survive the heat looking as fashionable as possible! Hence, handwoven khadi kurta is the best garment to style in. It helps you to sail through sun and sweat looking effortlessly chic. Khadi is able to soak perspiration without looking duller as the day progresses. You can totally forego accessorizing and still look smart and put together. Here are some tips to abide by:

  • To minimize the pain the blistering heat causes, opt for loose-styled bottoms. Denims look great with kurtas. So slip into slightly looser ones instead of the skin-hugging ones.
  • To reflect and deflect maximum amount of heat, opt for cool shades like pastels and whites.
  • Keep accessorizing as minimalist as possible. Roll up your sleeves and wrap some beaded bracelets around your wrist for the perfect street look.


Finding the right garments in the wet and soggy season is somewhat difficult, especially for important ethnic events, like Raksha Bnadhan, Independence Day, etc. On such occasions; a lightly woven brightly colored khadi kurta saves your day!

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Pair your kurtas with cotton or linen pajamas that are easy to dry. Give your pants a few neat folds and preferably wear a pair of classy sandals (not flip flops) that makes you look hip and is easily the best choice for maneuvering through muddy roads.


Winter is the easiest time to stay in trend without any fuss. It opens up a range of options in terms of accessorizing and sporting different kind of looks. To keep yourself warm, drape a trendy or classic shawl around yourself. There are several ways to drape it so find the one that suits you. You may also keep it simple and sophisticated by throwing on a beautiful Nehru jacket over your handwoven khadi kurta.