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Traditional Weaves in Renewed Styles: Khadi Kurtas for Men

Traditional Weaves in Renewed Styles: Khadi Kurtas for Men

Elegant, comfortable and the emblem of independent India- Khadi is making its way to the wardrobes of the modern fashion-conscious society.

As described by Mahatma Gandhiji, ’’the art that is in the machine-made article, appeals only to the eye; the art in Khadi appeals first to the heart and then to the eye.’’ A symbol of national freedom struggle, the Swadeshi movement, Khadi is hand-woven from pure cotton. Popularized by Mahatma Gandiji; his unflinching faith in this humble fabric was one of the most marked beliefs of India’s freedom fight.

Why embrace Khadi clothing?

Here are some reasons why contemporary generation must embrace Khadi clothing:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Weather Malleability
  3. Respect for Rural Community Workers
  4. Symbol of Indian Heritage
  5. Khadi is in Vogue
  • Eco-friendly:

The fashion statement of the modern world is ‘’going green’’. And why shouldn’t it be? From global warming, to a depleted ozone layer, to polluted water, air and land, our world is plagued with a plethora of environmental hazards that every industry is striving to combat. The textile industry plays a crucial role is preserving the balance and purity of nature. Shockingly, fashion industry is only second to oil industry in terms of environmental pollution! Hence, we must embrace fabrics that boast of sustainable and environment-friendly manufacturing processes. Khadi is one such natural fabric that has zero carbon footprints. Its production techniques don’t generate toxic wastes and most importantly, is completely independent of electric power.

  • Weather malleability:

Few fabrics have the unique quality of adapting to seasons. Khadi is a magical cloth that has the power to keep wearers cool in summers and warm in winters. The credit goes to the interweaving technique used to create these knits. It allows air circulation that works like fitted air-conditioners in summers. Hence, they keep wearers feeling utterly comfortable and looking absolutely cool in summers. When winter befalls us, Khadi continues to delight its patrons as the interwoven threads then provide warmth. Another valuable reason to adore Khadi clothing is its long-lasting nature. The quality of these wonder weaves is such that they don’t deteriorate with time; rather they become more beautiful with the passage of time!

  • Respect for rural community workers:

Khadi is the embodiment of sustainability, for it not only supports environment-friendly practices but also provides livelihood to rural community workers. Handcrafted by weavers using spinning wheels, this art demands superior skill, hard labor and is very time-consuming. As the popularity of Khadi clothing grows, employment opportunities for this community of traditional weavers will also increase.

  • Symbol of Indian heritage:

Khadi, the emblem of Swadeshi movement, was aimed at boycotting the inferior yet expensive clothes imported by the British Swaraj and developing a system of self-support within every Indian community. By donning Khadi clothes we are actually exhibiting pride in our rich culture.

  • Khadi is in Vogue:

Innovative minds of India’s fashion industry are joining forces with the government to promote these heritage weaves. While the Indian government is actively supporting it as part of the ‘’Make in India’’ campaign, the fashion community is creating modern, trendy and chic silhouettes and designs using this fabric so that it suits the taste of contemporary fashionistas. The updated styles of their creations ensure that customers purchase Khadi-wear out of desire and not only to support rural communities.

For fashion that is chic, comfortable and effortless, check the menswear collection of Khadi Kurtas by Trendy colors, updated designs and the relaxed look of the kurtas will take your sartorial game a notch higher this summer!