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Tips to Wear Right Jewelry with Traditional Silk Sarees

Tips to Wear Right Jewelry with Traditional Silk Sarees

Traditional silk sarees are treasured by every woman. These gorgeous weaves stay preserved for ages and their beauty is timeless! A girl dressing up in her mother’s decades-old silk saree is a common sight in Indian families. Although draping a lovely silk saree is enough to make you look stunning, the right kind of jewelry can take the classy traditional look to a whole new level!

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Conventionally, women prefer to wear their expensive gold jewelry with traditional silk sarees. However, recently there’s a shift towards artificial jewelry in India. By artificial jewelry we mean designer jewelry that’s made of less expensive metals, but their appearance is fabulous. They are trendy and add touches of contemporary style to your saree look.

Now, let’s discover a few designer jewelry pieces that accentuate the regal glamour of silks:


A necklace is the ideal accessory for silk sarees. It’s eye-catching and makes you look appealing in an instant. Gold colored temple jewelry complement silk sarees very well. This is because they feature typically Indian artwork like Laxmi and Ganesh pendants that are intricately designed by skilled craftsmen. When you’re getting ready for a festival, a temple jewelry neckpiece is perfect for adorning your neck.

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Antique metal necklace with colorful threadwork is another type of accessory that does wonders when paired with silk sarees. The antique look of the pendant coupled with bursts of color from vibrant threads is sure to fetch you many compliments!

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Silk sarees are lustrous and generally portray a combination of colors. So, for those minimalist women who wish to look simple and sophisticated, a stylish chocker necklace is all it takes.

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Tip: If you love to flaunt statement metallic jewelry on your neck then keep other accessories understated by opting for small studs for your ears and nose.


There are a thousand types of earrings that can be worn with a silk saree. However, the best choice is a pair of jhumkas. They are feminine, traditional and striking! Jhumkas are sure to enhance the appeal of silks and keep you in the spotlight in an event! There are a plethora of designs available in jhumkas. So, wear something that matches your facial structure and personal taste. Jhumkas generally end in a fringe of beads. While pearl and black colored beads go with all shades of silks, you can also wear jhumkas with beads the same color as your saree.

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No one needs to adorn their hands with a dozen bangles like a newly married bride, but a few bangles are needed to complete the classic look. Multicolored bangles look tantalizing with silk sarees. However, if you prefer to keep it low key and fuss-free yet chic, go for oxidized German silver bangles.

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Apart from the ornaments mentioned above, a woman can also adorn her tresses with a garland, and wear a bindi. That way she is sure to become the centre of attention in a party!

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