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#StyleCheck: Wardrobe Checklist 2018 for SAREE LOVERS

#StyleCheck: Wardrobe Checklist 2018 for SAREE LOVERS

What if you were asked to single out an eternally gorgeous garment from your closet? I’m sure most women would pick a saree! These seven yards of elegance are timeless pieces of our wardrobe that never really go out of style. With some clever mixing and matching and some reinvention, our decade old silk sarees can transform into chic and up-to-the-minute attires.

The perks of sarees are innumerable. They are suitable for all kinds of occasions, for all ages and most importantly, for all body types. Forecasts say that the saree game is going very strong in 2018. We understand that vast variety of sarees can leave women confused. That’s why in this blog, we have narrowed the saree styles down to top 4 looks that are totally hot in 2018. Dive in ladies!

A Pristine White Saree

According to Indian customs, a pure white saree isn’t suitable for auspicious occasions and that’s why women don’t keep too many white sarees in their wardrobe. However, when these mystique drapes are combined with touches of red and other bold colors, they don’t only look suitable for traditional occasions, rather look stunning!

In 2018, shun superstitions and try the new look, which is a soothing white saree contrasted with bold colored blouse and borders!

Half and Half Saree

The half and half trend caught on a few years ago and looks like it’s getting more and more popular with time! 2018 is seeing an upsurge in this trend. Women are going for bold contrasting colors. Many times, the materials used to make the two halves are also different. Velvet is in vogue but a full velvet saree might not be everyone’s style. So, choose a saree where the pallu is made of velvet and the body is made of georgette!

Wedding Wooers

The big fat Indian wedding demands some glitz and glamour…some elegance and regal aura. Often we start the year thinking that we do not have a wedding to attend this year, but as the year progresses, quite a few wedding invitations get lined up. Weddings are the time when women show off their exquisite silks and beautiful handlooms. So, dig out your silks from the old trunk or best, go check out a few festival collection sarees online! It’s easy to style old sarees for a modish look. Pair them with trendy designer blouses. If you are planning to buy some handloom silk sarees, then go for shades like red, orange, rani and green.

Statement Saree

A statement look varies from person to person. It is very important to create your own statement look with a saree. Any saree that is bold, unique, and highly stylish in your eyes, and most importantly defines your personality, can be chosen as your statement saree. It can be a saree featuring heavy embroidery or made of an uncommon material. It can also be your mother’s beautiful saree draped in a new style, like the saree draped on top of pants.

With this checklist under your belt, you are sure to be the stunner in every occasion that you chose to wear the seven yards of splendor!