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Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra Fosters Dying yet Distinct Lambani Art

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra Fosters Dying yet Distinct Lambani Art

Located in the state of Karnataka, South India, Sandur – the blessed land of magnificent hills, exuberant forests, colorful trees, and meandering streams and rivulets is the home of the waning Lambani art. The distinctive tribal artwork, gorgeous in its own way, traces its roots into medieval Europe, some thousands of years ago, before drifting into the deserts of Northern India, particularly Rajasthan. From where, they continued their journey to the South Indian states, including Karnataka.

Ancient Artwork

Talking about the art, Lambani embroidery is the most colorful and intricate form of craft dominant across various tribal groups in India. An amalgam of mirror work, pattern darning, overlaid, cross-stitch and patchwork appliqué, this ancient art-form emulates a remarkable glare and glaze. The rustic appeal, the bright and bold colors, different types of complex tangles and intricate stitches are phenomenal. Shells, mirrors, wooden beads, coins and other petty metallic knick-knacks – are a few unique features of Lambani artwork which the craftsmen use on brightly colored/dyed cotton fabrics to weave magic and fetch an end result, which stands as an epitome of royalty, rusticity and resplendence.

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra (SKKK)

However, the struggle is real – though Lambani art is famous all over the world, the tribe still finds it difficult to make a decent living out of it. Countless tales of hardship, misfortune and struggle do the rounds. To end the plight of Lambanis, a handicraft centre, Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra (SKKK) has come forward to offer a sound platform to bring forth worldwide recognition to the languishing craft, worthy of nation’s pride. Established under Sandur Manganese and Iron Ore Limited (SMIORE) in 1984, SKKK had a humble beginning with only 12 tribal women working together as a collective, which then augmented to 500 artisans, working under different units run by women from their respective villages. Besides empowering these Lambani women, SKKK supplies raw materials, including threads, dyes, clothes and other accessories, helps in marketing their products to specific retailers and provides food rations and other benefits to tribal community, from time to time.

As a true pioneer of cultivating and restoring traditional Indian artwork, MyRoots have been fortunate enough to come in association with SKKK. Thanks to these guys, we have been able to connect to such an incredible craft that’s wooing its patrons all over the world; its charm and charisma is heart-stirring! Buy Sandhur Products on