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Making Organic Clothing the New Fashion Norm, Period!

Making Organic Clothing the New Fashion Norm, Period!

We have our favorite brand of clothing. And we might not be too eager to switch to fair trade or sustainable fashion. Not yet. The very thought of giving up our brand sounds utterly depressing, but it doesn’t have to be so bleak and dreary. India is witnessing a surge of countess ethical clothing brands that offer not one, not ten but hundreds of different outfit options, all organic, all fashionable.

Here, we take a closer look at why indigenous, sustainable fashion is the need of the hour and how this new breed of fashion is creating lasting impressions…

Sustainable Fashion: Know Your Clothes

We know mornings are hectic. After waking up, while rummaging through your wardrobe, the first thoughts that clog your mind can never be centered around how your clothes are made or from where does the fabric comes from but whether or not that blouse matches the striped pants you’ve settled for.

Nevertheless, the whole day is at your disposal: think over the kind of bond you share with your items in the closet; what kind of stories your garbs have to tell; imagine and understand the process, craftsmanship and passion that goes in creating a fine piece of art, that is clothing in this case. In simple words, imagine a fashion industry utopia that continuously stresses on reducing negative environmental impact.

In fact, don’t stop yourself from thinking ‘what is the story of this product’ the next time you go shopping for new clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Instead of purchasing out of mere whims, try to intimately know every detail about the item you are buying. It will help establish a connection with your favorite garments, thus playing a crucial role in expressing what kind of person you are and your sense of style and sensibility.

How Apparel Industry is Fueling Environmental Damage?

Bold colors, quirky prints and fabulous fabrics are few appealing attributes of clothing industry, but most of these are achieved with toxic chemicals. Textile dyeing is one of the worst contributors towards environmental damage. It involves the usage of toxic chemicals and the transportation of materials to and from between each stage of production burns up a lot of fossil fuels, which further add up to environmental degradation.

Polyester is a very popular fabric used in the apparel industry. But, once you wash them in domestic washing machines, they start shedding microfibers, which are nothing but fragments of plastic, contaminating our oceans and aquatic life. By the way, do you know cotton production is termed worst in the industry because cotton clothing contains maximum pesticides? Yes, you heard that right. This is why there’s been a growing interest for organic cotton, which uses far less water, maintains soil fertility and reduces the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, lowering the harsh impact on the environment.

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