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Love to keep your ambience desi? Here is what you can do!

Love to keep your ambience desi? Here is what you can do!

Your home should be as stylish and desi as you are..afterall, it says a lot about who lives there! We know how difficult it is to keep the ambience of your home desi and how to decorate every part of the room, so brings to you tips that you could follow and products you must have at home for the look! Step aside from the ordinary and stand out..

  1. Furniture & Upholstery

    You cant have a desi ambience to your home with a white leather sofa in the hall, isn't it? Right furniture and colour scheme for your home can add a lot of ethnic touch to it. And choosing the right upholstery that needs to be in line with it is absolutely essential. For instance, you could have Indian prints in paisleys on sofa’s and a rajasthani cabinet in the living room with carved stools..oh the beautiful living room it would make!

  2. Rugs and Cushions

    Traditional prints can be carried from upholstery to cushions, adding a stunning indian touch to the home. If you have uni-colour upholstery, then printed cushions could be the way to go and vice versa. Play around with colours, and make the home as bright as you are!

  3. Accessories

    Products like earthen pots, hookahs, carved or hand-painted vases, carved wooden panels, idols of Indian deities, silverware are the best ideas to infuse Indian elements in your modern home. There can never be less of what you add, isn't it?

  4. Curtains

    Silk, velvet, many fabrics are not tired at home for curtains. And so many prints unexplored as well. recommends making home trendy and warm with multicolour curtains, while keeping the other things in the room to a uni-colour trend. Get to the market and start shopping for the prints already, they might not be very easy to find!

  5. Paintings and Sculptures

    Another wonderful way to add the Indian connect to your décor is by having traditional paintings in your contemporary home. And don't underestimate what statement a sculpture can make when someone enters your home! You can even include an old piece from your grandparents collection to give a vintage touch.

So get started and decorate your home with the most exquisite products from around India. From silver curios to printed mugs and eclectic wall décor, all the pieces from Myroots.dei will jazz up your everyday living while adding that much loved ethnic touch!