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Love Affair with Pure Linen Sarees– An Outright Beauty!

Love Affair with Pure Linen Sarees– An Outright Beauty!

The appeal of linen is versatile. Starting from working women, to trendsetters, to awe-inspiring B-town actresses, linen sarees have captured the spotlight in the wardrobe of each and every Indian woman, irrespective of age and taste. These naturally sophisticated weaves with just the right amount of luster provide an opportunity for every woman to express her style in a stunning manner!

Both in terms of visual fascination and comfort on skin, pure linen sarees stand unmatched. They look downright classy for any occasion. Although the fabric linen is one of the oldest in the world, it is still managing to make contemporary women fall in love with it.

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Thanks to the innovative creations pouring out from the fashion industry, these lightweight and utterly beautiful weaves are gaining world-wide prominence. The age-old saying ‘’simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’’ is perfectly expressed by these drapes that offer refined texture and elegance of the highest level.

About the Fabric:

In terms of durability, linen is a strong fabric; while its feel on skin is soft and comforting. It can endure substantial levels of heat and sun exposure without showing any signs of damage.

Faux plant, the source from which linen fibers are derived, is known to be one of the oldest cultivated plants by mankind. From start to finish, manufacturing of linen sarees includes several labor-intensive processes like plant decaying and yarn spinning and spans over an entire month. Natural colors of this material can be tones of grey, ivory, tan and ecru. Pristine white linens are obtained after heavy bleaching.

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Cotton is believed to be the best choice for sultry summer months. However linen, owing to its super absorbency and airy loops, has surpassed the comfort of cotton. Linen sarees are adored for their ease of wearing. It keeps skin cool and healthy by allowing ample air circulation. Moreover, it can absorb a lot of moisture without giving a damp sensation.

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Talking of appearance, the inherent classiness of pure linen sarees deserves special mention. Traditional Indian wear is always associated with eye-catching embroidery. However, a plain linen saree devoid of any embellishments, meets the high standards of sophistication Indian sarees are famous for. These sarees look breathtaking with minimal highlights and adornments. Their look is chic and absolutely unique.

Style Notes:

Corporate settings call for something sober yet stylish and linen sarees perfectly fit the bill. So, for your next ethnic day in office, drape a plain linen saree with vibrant contrast borders and trendy tassels dangling from the ends. The minimalist appeal of these sarees opens up ample opportunities for experimenting with fashionable blouse designs. You can go for a three-quarter sleeved blouse with dainty floral prints or embroidery.

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Modern blouse styles that are sleeveless and have smart Chinese collar, or incorporate ruffles and frills are also great to sport with linen sarees.

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With the season of festivities just around the corner, it’s time to get started with pure linen saree online shopping. Whether you want to nail the boho-chic look or be the simple and charming woman grabbing all the attention, linen sarees from takes you right there.