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How Sustainable Fashion Is Altering The Future of Ethical Fashion?

How Sustainable Fashion Is Altering The Future of Ethical Fashion?

Sustainable fashion has become a key element for most new-age brands. Looking at where our planet is headed with all the wide-level wastage and pollution, it has become rather imperative to embrace sustainability across all horizons.

No longer, fashion is all about trends and designs, rather it has now initiated a dialogue between sustainable choices for life. Along with promoting ethical and artisanal sartorial pursuits, the industry is preaching the narrative about encompassing principles of sustainability and how clean fashion has came into play with smashing force.

Organic Fashion Landscape in India

That being said, the Government of India has introduced various economic development initiatives that motivates and mobilizes the domestic population to recognize and appreciate the many potentials of conventional-cultural resources. Unless consumers and producers are fetched onto a single platform, fostering socio-development of a nation is never possible and the viability of sustenance of art turns ambivalent. As a beacon of hope, this awareness drive caught the attention of rational entrepreneurs – they now prefer working with indigenous artisans and artists from rural India, safeguarding the communities’ dying heritage, art and culture.

According to McKinsey’s 2017 State of Fashion report, web searches about ‘sustainable fashion’ has surged in the last few years; of course this has become a pressing issue for textile and fashion industry, across the globe, including India. Consumers will buy. The demand for clothing is bound to swell in the next two decades – thanks to a booming millennial population!

The millennials are not the kind of people who can be fooled easily. They are a connoisseur of knowledge. They always stay a step ahead in knowing what they are eating, wearing, working on and every minute details related to their lives and lifestyles. Naturally, when it comes to fashion and clothing, they are more than interested in knowing all about the craft, fabric and method of production. Environment-friendly clothing is what they adore. In fact, we all do. Instead of regarding it as an investment option only, fashion encourages clothing that aids poor weavers/artisans whose dying art is costing them their lives and livelihood.

Currently, an estimated 7 million artisans across rural India are engaged in craft production, the backbone of rural economy, next to farming. They still depend on traditional modes of production, conventional skills and superior techniques to earn a livelihood based on handmade merchandise.

Indie Basics – An Organic Affair

Being a staunch advocate of fresh organic fashion, MyRoots Desi has launched its first, very own private label: Indie Basics – a fresh take on Basic Indian fashion clothing for women. The label is 100% organic and entirely handmade. The all-new collection comprises of T-shirts adorned with beautiful hand-embroidery done by the banjaras from Sandur region, in collaboration with Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra. Deeply moved by the Lambani artwork, the brand incorporates Indian style of handcrafting using indigenous materials like mirrors, shells, coins, embroidery and colors, lots of it. Blending traditional culture with contemporary elements is the essence of this brand.

To shop eco friendly fashion clothing, drop by MyRoots Desi. Their inspiring range of hand-embroidered T-shirts is worth trying for!