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Haute Handcrafted Jewelry: Trends to Make a Stunning Style Statement

Haute Handcrafted Jewelry: Trends to Make a Stunning Style Statement

Present fashion trends reflect a shift from traditional gold jewelry to the wholesome and handmade-silver oxidized, antique jewelry and tribal designs. They perfectly define the contemporary culture that is trendy yet pocket-friendly. So this season lock away your gold and welcome these jewelry designs which are dramatic and dashing!

Afghan Jewelry

You might be wondering what the speciality of Afghan jewelry is. Well, as the name suggests this style originated from the Kuchi region in Afghanisthan. They display the intricate work of metal craftsmen. Costly Afghan ornaments laden with stunning semiprecious stones adorn the necks of brides in traditional marriages (Nikka). The simpler ones, which has become an obsession of the fashion world, are worn on a daily basis.

They display beautiful and elaborate craftwork. In India, Afghan jewelry made of German silver has become the current craze! Fabulous floral designs and crescent moons are very popular. Another unique piece of jewelry is the afghan coin necklace.

Does ethnic clothing define your style? Or are you a denim-and-tee girl? Whatever be your style these versatile pieces of jewelry will complement any attire. Now you know why these trinkets should be your go-to accessories.

Check out these oxidized German silver afghan necklaces. They are perfect for contemporary women who want to blend tradition with trend!


Turkish style tribal neckpieces

These neck-pieces are inspired from Ottoman jewelry art. They are ornate and will surely up your glamour-quotient. To make a style statement put on this trendy Turkish style tribal pendant with bold and brightly colored clothes.

Jhumka earrings

The word Jhumka has evolved from the word ‘jhumki’ which is a traditional bell shaped earring design of India. Jhumkas have a distinctive tinkling sound coming from the decorative beads at its edge. It is influenced by the ancient temple jewelry craftwork and Bharathanatyam jewelry. They are time-tested and have survived centuries of cultural infiltrations.  

Jhumkas look beautiful with all kinds of ethnic attire. Though we choose gold earrings to go with traditional sarees you will be surprised at how beautiful jhumkas look with sarees. They also look lovely with contemporary ethnic clothing like kurtas and fancy sarees. Jhumkas make fusion wear look fabulous.

Add some spark to your style with these awesome Meenakari jhumkas!   

Natural stone necklaces and bracelets

How would it be if we could entrap nature’s beauty in a small stone? That’s exactly what natural stones are all about. The story of each stone is different-some shine with the light trapped in them whereas others that survived hundreds of weathering processes radiate a raw aura. Each stone shimmers uniquely.

These necklaces and bracelets made of natural stone will look chic with a neutral color palette. They possess the potential to change any outfit from drab to fab!

Finger rings

Rings can be the most confusing piece of bling out there. Recently, rings have become a fashion fad. Don’t be left behind! If you are a girl who loves to accessorize then ring is your thing! Strut in style wearing these charming natural stone rings!

If you are constantly on the look-out for exquisite handcrafted jewelry, then is your style destination.