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Handmade, Homegrown and Holistic, Khadi Menswear Collection Leaves Patrons Spellbound

Handmade, Homegrown and Holistic, Khadi Menswear Collection Leaves Patrons Spellbound

Having grown up in India, a tropical country, I took summers for granted. But as years went by, I soon realized how fortunate I am to live in a sun-kissed place, where the radiance of natural sunlight casts a balmy glow around the atmosphere making everything so lovelier and pretty. And since then began my tryst with Indian Summer and Comfortable Clothing.

Creating summer wear is no mean feat; the choice of fabric plays a crucial role in keeping comfort equation on point. Different fabrics lead to different patterns, silhouettes, designs and of course seasons! Nonetheless, at MyRoots Desi, we all love to tailor our imagination into wondrous sartorial delights. As a creative team, this is one of the primary reasons for which we’ve come together, i.e. to design fashion wear that is handmade and comfortable. It’s no secret, we have always been a little tilted towards women’s clothing, but the charm of a well-tailored, breathable kurta never left our mind space. And to prove that, we are introducing an entire range of Khadi menswear that is both fashionable and comfortable.

The new menswear collection is all about KHADI KURTAS: the collection reveals simple outfits, handmade fabrics and soothing hues. It’s all about ease and fuss-free fashion, thus can be both dressed up or down in sync with the occasion: imagine a daytime wedding or a Sunday brunch, the rusticity of Khadi stands out downright! The easy-breezy, natural Khadi look is just perfect for a sweltering afternoon. It leaves you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Khadi offers warmth in winters and coolness in summers, and that makes this handspun fabric a winner right away. The fabric possesses an intrinsically lustrous but comfortable feel. What’s more, the colors in our collection are all so very soothing and light that they pair exceptionally well with almost all kinds of skin tones and silhouettes. The slight whimsical yet go-to shades of pastels add a unique feel to the ensemble.

As it’s said, IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS – the new menswear collection is all about that and more! Lightweight and effortlessly comfortable, it’s crafted with ample attention, passion and love, especially to suit the current weather situation. Now, to witness these handmade beauties in all their glory, you have to visit our official site. Once you horse around our collection, you’re totes gonna love it!