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Handloom Yarns- All about Captivating Chanderi Sarees

Handloom Yarns- All about Captivating Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi sarees are named after one of the most popular handloom destinations in India- Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. This town is famous for producing some of the finest cotton and silk handlooms embellished with rich zari work.

The traditional textile is renowned for its sheer and shimmering texture, refined appearance and simple and beautiful designs. Owing to the translucent texture of the fabric, they are known as ‘woven air’. Their royal appearance can be attributed to the fine and superior quality yarns used to weave these drapes. They are mainly produced using three types of materials- cotton silk, pure silk and Chanderi cotton. The motifs and patterns used to adorn these sarees have witnessed a drastic transformation over the years. Earlier, floral, peacocks and coin motifs were extensively used. Presently, in addition to these, geometric designs are also very popular.

Traditionally, Chanderi weaves came in pastel hues. However, bold and bright colors, like navy blue, red, black, fuchsia and orange are popular in modern fashion realms. Trendy border designs include piping, where fine stripes of different colors are alternated, nakshi and adda.

Chanderi weaves originated in the Muslim weaving community in Jhansi. These Koshti weavers migrated to Chanderi in 1350 and shifted the weaving hub there.

During the Mughal period Chanderi fabrics gathered unprecedented fame and the royals were seen flaunting these exquisite textiles during special occasions. However, Mughal emperor Aurangazeb ordered the shutdown of Chanderi weaving centers. The art was revived by the Scindian royal family who also incorporated the golden threadwork motifs into the weaving process.

Drape a Chanderi Saree for Your Next Party!

The ethnic fashion atmosphere is evolving. Contemporary women are looking for modern touches in traditional weaves. Chanderi sarees are time-honored, yet they are very popular among modern women. They are the preferred outfit for celebrating Indian festivals and other traditional occasions. These lightweight sarees in soft textures and beautiful colors and designs are a must-have item in the festive list of Indian women. They are perfect for ethnic fashion lovers who look for elegance and minimalism in their sarees. Mostly these sarees are designed with magnificent zari borders and intricate patterns on the pallu.

For weddings and other parties, go for bright colors like red, orange, blue, green and pink. The zari embroidery accents the gorgeousness of Chanderi sarees, while the breathable fabric makes it ideal for Indian weather. With the ease of online shopping, attractive Chanderi sarees can be purchased from various e-stores selling festival collection sarees. Accessorize with matching jewelry and a good hairstyle for a classy look! Oxidized silver jewelry is a good option for styling Chanderi drapes.

The fineness and vibrancy of Chanderi sarees have mesmerized many creative minds in the fashion industry. Chanderi sarees have always held a special place in the handloom industry and currently noteworthy Indian designers are creating enchanting sarees with these heritage weaves.

However, Chanderi materials need to be handled delicately in order to preserve their prettiness. Always dry clean these sarees and dry them in shade.

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