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Fashionable & Affordable: Step-up Your Style with German Silver Jewelry

Fashionable & Affordable: Step-up Your Style with German Silver Jewelry

What is your go-to fashion accessory? Is it a pair of high heels or a gorgeous sling bag or some stunning jewelry pieces? Whatever be your favorite, there are two things to be kept in mind while choosing an accessory. Remember, the aim is to let accessories accentuate your style instead of playing down your look! Firstly, you must understand your personality. This is the most important point for achieving an appealing look. Personal comfort with whatever you chose to wear is the secret mantra for carrying your looks with elegance and charm. Your look must reflect your good taste! So, the accessory you choose can be simple, bold or anywhere in between.

Secondly, in order to look fashionable you must be aware of the latest trends. You don’t want to look outdated, do you? That doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you bought last year anymore! If you are smart then you will chose classic designs that don’t easily go out of style and complement a variety of clothes. Coming to jewelry pieces, we need to enlighten all you fashionistas about the latest trend in the fashion world- German silver jewelry! From Bollywood divas to Hollywood actresses, silver jewelry is all the rage! The best part about ornaments made of German silver is that they have an antique appearance but are quite pocket-friendly.

Oxidized German Silver:

Oxidized German silver jewelry is back in vogue among jewelry lovers. The charm of oxidized silver is often compared to the gleam of the moon! The best part about oxidized silver is that it complements all skin tones. The trend of wearing eye-catching oxidized jewelry sets have caught on among females of all ages. And why shouldn’t it? An ornate German silver neckpiece looks as good with tank tops as it does with traditional sarees. So, on a day you want to look modish you can wear your favorite chunky oxidized neckpiece with a tank top, or a crop top, or a monochrome t-shirt, or an elegant maxi dress or your favorite kurti- anything which has a wide neckline. For a trendy office look you can wear the same neckpiece over a buttoned up shirt!

When dressing for a traditional occasion, wear the metal neckpiece over a saree. Since, the heat is making everyone miserable, we recommend you wear sarees made of lightweight fabrics and simple designs. Chunky silver neckpieces look breathtaking with such minimalist sarees! Another reason why oxidized jewelry is enthusiastically embraced by contemporary women is its vast variety in designs. As per your preference, you can choose simple styles or heavy designs or the ones that come with vibrant embellishments, like beads and colorful threads. If you take good care of your oxidized jewelry, it can last as long as gold ones. Store them in a covered jewelry box and cover them with cotton for additional protection.

German Silver Temple Jewelry:

The art of making Temple Jewelry is ancient and deeply rooted in Indian culture. It is heavily inspired by South Indian temple sculptures and architecture. It originated during the 9th century and was used to adorn idols of Gods and Goddesses. This jewelry has a deep connection with the divine and symbolizes spiritual energy. Figurines of various deities, like Laxmi and Ganesh, floral motifs, like lotus and leaves, etc. are carved into metal pieces by skilled artisans. This unique craftsmanship and its divine aura have made Temple Jewelry the preferred accessory to wear to traditional occasions, like marriages and pujas. Wearing Temple jewelry is believed to be auspicious. Owning to these reasons, this age old craft is still very popular among women. Over the years the patterns and designs have updated and Temple Jewelry is now a part of fashion accessories.

The German Silver neckpieces with Laxmi and Ganesh pendants combine the divinity of traditional Temple Jewelry with modern designs to suit the taste of contemporary women. To shop for exclusive and elegant German silver necklace sets online, visit