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Fashion under Umbrella: Here’s How to Step up Your Style Game, This Monsoon

Fashion under Umbrella: Here’s How to Step up Your Style Game, This Monsoon

Hello gorgeous! Monsoon is right here, and we can’t keep calm. The pitter-patter of raindrops, the easy breezy weather and the damp earthen smell of rain makes our heart sing with joy, but not our clothes. The gloomy weather takes a toll on our wardrobe goals. Each time the sky opens and there’s heavy spells of rain, people lose interest in decking up and stepping out.

Fashion seems to take a back-seat. For all its unpredictability, setting the mood for fashion becomes a priority.

Game of Colors

Bright colors and sleek silhouettes are good Samaritans for monsoon. Let not the cloudy weather cloud your sense of style. Organize a cheerful wardrobe, flaunt vibrant shades and indulge in fashion frenzy.

“Monsoon is all about colors. All colors from saffron to blue and beige and even black and white, but used in a very different style, are in vogue. It’s about mixing the right color with the right fabric,” says a top notch fashion expert. Designers prefer various hues of indigo, green and blue, as they work well during monsoon. On the other hand, white, yellow and purple also helps to lighten the mood, and are high on preference.

Besides, muted shades too sometimes hold good for the damp weather, if styled right. Soft pastels and popsicle hues can be some of the best picks. Light hues of pink, sea-green, orange, beige and peach seem to be perfect color companions during the murkier days.

Role of Fabrics

Most of the designers focus on the right choice of fabrics. Fabrics play an integral part – avoid silk, linen, satin and denim as they tend to shrink and become sticky once they are wet. Instead opt for chiffon, georgette and amalgamated versions of polynylon – they flatter the body shape, dry easily and don’t lose their sheen after becoming wet in rain. Cotton is also a great choice; it’s light and perfect, but in case you are drenched, it takes time drying.

The fashion mantra during monsoon is a perfect mélange of style and comfort – subsequently, a surge in demand for capris, knee-length frocks, kurtis online and shorts is often witnessed before the onset of rainy season. Full sleeves, saggy trousers and flowing dresses are no more seen selling like hot cakes… Why? Because one good shower will destroy the look completely, turning you into a soaked-through ball of clothes.

Acing Accessories

Monsoons are dark and sullen. Colorful women's accessories online can brighten your day. If well-coordinated, they can be an instant head-turner. But avoid metal and leather; they are a pain during monsoon. Rather focus on colorful beaded necklaces, chunky neck-pieces and trendy translucent bangles – they spice up the look any time, any day.

You can even flaunt a cheerful scarf or dupatta; they are perfect to add that extra zing to your personality without letting you go overboard.

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Last but not the least, umbrellas are an absolute must-have during the monsoon. Not that they have to be a boring grandpa type black umbrellas, instead they can be a funky one flaunted stylishly stepping up one’s look. To make a trendy fad, say hi to neon colored umbrellas. Colorful umbrellas instantly enliven the spirit of the season, while dragging the attention of all.

As parting thoughts, echoing the mood of the season, monsoon fashion should be a ‘fuss-free’ kind of style, where comfort is the ruling factor.

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