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Embrace The New Trend in Salwar Suits- The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Ease

Embrace The New Trend in Salwar Suits- The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Ease

Over the last few years, shopping unstitched salwars suits online has gained prominence. Unstitched dress materials unlock a range of styling options for women to look great in a unique way. Here are some interesting reasons to encourage fashionistas to shop unstitched salwar suits:

Stand Out From the Crowd

You love donning beautiful salwar suits, right? Imagine dressing for a party where the first thing your friend does on seeing you is same pinch you for wearing identical salwar suits. We know you want to steer clear of such situations! That is why unstitched salwars are the best choice when it comes to making a traditional style-statement. These fabrics can be designed as per your personal taste and preferences. Think of them as canvases for expressing your ideas and designing aptitude. You can create designs that incorporate the latest fashions in salwars kameez and get it stitched from your reliable tailor.

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Beautifully Block Printed’s collection of salwars suit materials employs the ancient technique of block printing. Although this method was born in China and Egypt, it is the Indian artisans who adopted it, perfected it and transformed it into one of the most sought after trends of 21st century. The art of block printing is a global fashion phenomenon and its fame is attributed to the unique beauty mirrored by this craft. The imperfections in the prints reflect the exclusivity of each artist. As the name indicates, a wooden block called ‘bunta’ is employed to print the fabrics with vibrant dyes and alluring patterns. The work requires patience and the expertise of experienced artists. The pressure exerted on the blocks and the positioning of the prints are important factors dictating the splendor of the finished products.

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Array of Styling Options

The cut of neckline, pattern of sleeves, length of suit and bottom of salwar kameez are crucial parts that need to be styled right. You can combine different styles after going through the catalogue available with your tailor. Readymade salwars suits can never cater to your specific needs in the same way. Generally, ready-to-wear dresses are made in a bulk using machine and lack individual touches. You can design the kameez with add on embellishes too, like collars and embroidery work.

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Customized for Your Body Type

It is common knowledge that all women differ in body shape, curves and stature. Some women have narrow shoulders while some have broader shoulders; some have heavy arms while some have heavy thighs. Apart from shape, the height has a big influence on your appearance. The trick is to embrace your unique beauty and style salwar kameezes to complement your stature. Generally, readymade clothes need alteration for achieving that ideal fit. But, sometimes alterations mess with the design and fabric.

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Slim women can go for dhoti or Patiala pants, while curvy women can go for palazzos. Short women must always opt for fitted kameez and churidar, while tall women can wear looser silhouettes.

Finally, salwars suits online come with 2.5 metre dupatta. This can be used separately as a scarf with different dresses, or it can be used for making a shirt or short kurti if your heart desires that!

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Happy Styling Ladies!!