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Bold Bright & Beautiful- All You Need to Know about Accessorizing in 2018

Bold Bright & Beautiful- All You Need to Know about Accessorizing in 2018

As the year progresses and the fashion world transitions, women are stepping up their online shopping activities. But, before you start revamping your assortment of accessories, run over these latest trends in jewelry.

Statement jewelry: This is most popular way to breathe new life into your regular outfits. Statement jewelry pieces can easily transform a dull looking outfit into an interesting and appealing one. From big earrings, to heavy neckpieces, to chunky finger rings- sometimes a unique looking piece of jewelry is all it takes to make a stunning style-statement.

Jewelry is one the best ways to showcase your personal style. This is because unlike garments, the probability of going wrong with jewelry is very less. Often, in the bid to dress uniquely, we end up looking weird. That’s not the case with jewelry. So fashion explorers out there- experiment your heart out with bold fashion accessories!

Natural motifs: This season is all about natural and wholesome fashion. The natural beauty of Mother Earth is definitely the biggest inspiration for fashion designers this year. While floral patterns are rocking the clothing collection of most designer labels, nature-inspired designs has also caught on contemporary jewelry. Flowers, butterflies, trees, birds- basically abundant flora and fauna are being employed by jewelry artists all over the world. Jewelry designs inspired by the natural environment showcase an aesthetic combination of natural beauty and raw glamour.

Naturally cut: This is another trend aligning with the natural philosophy in fashion. Raw, uncut or naturally cut stones are totally in. These stones are being used as the main element in fingerings, neckpieces, bracelets and more. The specialty of accessories adorned with natural cut stones is that each of them is distinct and reflects the wearer’s personal style.

Filigree detailing: This design is very popular in metal accessories, especially earrings and necklaces. Chunky earrings with intricate filigree detailing look antique yet so modern. Sometimes the metal is oxidized and the end product looks very sophisticated. They go with all kinds of clothing and suit the taste of women who don’t prefer bright colors. Oxidized filigree jewelry is minimalist and looks fashionable with eastern as well as western clothes. These ornaments can be worn anywhere- work, parties and at anytime of the day.

Color contrast: The fascination for bright color combinations is getting stronger by the day. Jewelry is no longer about monochromes, but reflects an interesting mix of vibrant hues. Such colorful trinkets look exotic and can pop the dullest of colors. If you like wearing monochrome colored garments and accessorizing them with bright and upbeat fashion jewelry, then this trend is for you. A completely white or black garment when accessorized with vibrant handmade jewelry, it looks absolutely chic!

Handmade Jewelry is in vogue. They are becoming more and more popular and women are embracing handmade ornaments for regular as well as special occasions. They reflect all the trends that have been mentioned above. Handcrafted ornaments are unique in style, beautifully designed and uplift sustainability- the latest buzzword in fashion industry.

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