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An ABC of Classic Summer-Friendly Fabrics to Keep You Cool & Chic

An ABC of Classic Summer-Friendly Fabrics to Keep You Cool & Chic

Sun-drenched, sultry and sizzling-summer is here! The stark sunlight and scorching weather call for fabrics that are breathable and light-weight to keep you cool and fresh for the whole day. Whether you are at work or out with friends or managing daily chores, easy-breezy summer-friendly fabrics are ideal for these blazing times.


About the fabric:

Cotton is a soft fluffy fiber that is spun into yarns, which are then woven into textiles. The breathable nature of these fabrics can be attributed to the interlocking technique used in their production that creates airy loops in cotton knits. Cotton garments are renowned for their superior absorbency and comfort.

When to wear?

Some regions in India experience dry heat waves while other regions have a sticky and stifling climate during summer. Cotton is the best way to combat Indian summers- whether it is dry heat or humid. Actually, cotton is suitable for all types of climate, which is why it is universally worn and adored.

Why it is valued?

The airy loops in cotton fabrics allow air to flow freely, and hence produce a cooling effect. This natural fiber is extremely gentle on skin and gives the feeling of a built-in-air cooler!


If you want to step up your coolness-quotient, then go for awesome and airy cotton sarees! Like this beautiful Peach Handloom cotton Ilkal Saree. The color is vivid, the material comfortable and the look gorgeous! Complete the look with a contrast color blouse and a silver neckpiece.


About the fabric:

Linen is a fabric that is created using fibers of flax plant. The manufacturing process is arduous, but the end result is a textile that keeps its wearers feeling utterly cool and fresh in the harshest of heat.

Interesting Fact:

Linens were used to wrap mummies in ancient Egyptian civilization because these fine fabrics woven from hand-spun yarns symbolize light, purity and prosperity.

Where to wear it?

Linens can be worn everywhere! They guarantee maximum breathability and a refined appearance.

Why it is valued?

People have been using and loving linen textiles for centuries, and for good reason. Linens soften with usage and are extremely long-lasting if cared for properly. Moreover, these natural fibers have even higher moisture absorbency than cotton, and hence are a favorite for summers.

How to style?

We suggest women to go for sophisticated linen sarees, like this rust colored pure linen saree designed with zari and tassels. Often, sarees recede to back-spaces in our wardrobes. However, as per current fashion trends, these timeless drapes are not only back in the sartorial game but they are occupying the center spot. So, be summer-ready in our cooling and soothing collection of pure linen sarees with price.


About the fabric:

Khadi or khaddar refers to a handspun natural fiber cloth that is mainly woven from cotton yarns using a spinning wheel called charkha. This hand-woven fabric traces its roots to the Swadeshi movement spearheaded by Gandhiji, which was aimed at boycotting foreign cloth and developing sustainable textile manufacturing units in India. Khadi is very popular in fashion circuits and is being promoted by the stalwarts of Indian fashion.

Why wear it?

Summery, beautiful and eco-friendly- khadi is in vogue. Modern times are seeing a shift towards eco-friendly practices. One of the main reasons for Khadi’s popularity is its nature-friendly manufacturing processes that don’t consume electricity or generate toxic wastes. Woven in pure cotton, Khadi clothing is highly comfortable, and its texture unique. Indian designers are using these traditional weaves to create styles that appeal to the contemporary generation. With the efforts of the fashion community, Gandhi’s textile is emerging in updated creations that feature chic silhouettes.

Styling: brings you an amazing collection of designer khadi kurtis for women. Their soft neutral color palette, vibrant hand embroidery, modish design and super light feel will enhance your feminine charm!