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#AmpUpYourEthnicAvatar: Top 3 Occasions to Sport Stylish Men’s Kurtas

#AmpUpYourEthnicAvatar: Top 3 Occasions to Sport Stylish Men’s Kurtas

Like women’s fashion, men’s fashion is also subject to change. New style trends and fashion alerts seem to dominate the menswear landscape every day. However, amidst all the latest fashion fads, it’s khadi kurtas for men that have dragged our attention: they have been the sole essence of Indian traditional wear. They are considered to be one of the most versatile pieces of ensemble found inside men’s closets. Plus, they match up to any body type making the person look smart and dapper.

So, what makes traditional men’s clothing, especially kurtas so special? So appealing? The key factor is comfort. The material used to make men’s casual kurtas is mostly cotton or khadi, both of which are comfortable, breathable and light in weight. They not only help men look handsome, but also comfortable.

Let’s delve into a few relevant occasions where kurtas for men not only can enhance your overall style but will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Scroll below.

Casual Day-Out

Nowadays, men play with a lot of fun color palettes. They believe in making a style statement. This is why they explore numerous ethnic looks only to settle for the best. Nevertheless, there is another sect of men who prefers to play safe. For them, conventional shades of blue, green and black are a refuge. Nothing beats the sublimity of the color blue! When paired with jeans, the look emulates fresh vibes coupled with contemporary elegance. If not jeans, pyjamas go well as they pose a refreshing ethnic look.

Handwoven khadi kurta For Men

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Special Occasion

India is a country where festivities happen all the year round. The best way to dress for festivals is to wear men’s kurtas in cheerful colors. A clean pair of pyjamas, a beguiling piece of khadi kurta and a sparkling pair of jutis sums up the perfect festive look of the season.

After all, less is more. Millennial Indian men prefer minimalist statement celebration wear rather than all that bling, which looks so OTT. For them, simple kurtas and casual bottoms seal the deal.

khadi kurtas for men

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Friend’s Engagement

Definitely, it’s your buddy’s biggest day! And you of all people can make his day extra special with your all-decked-up presence. So, be there at your best in sophisticated khadi kurtas for men. They help you look distinguished and classy at the same time. With an unrivalled confidence matched with never-going-out-of-style attire you are bound to cast an everlasting impression. Any doubts?

Handwoven khadi kurta For Men

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