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Monsoon Fashion: 8 Style Tips to Get You Ready for the Rains

Monsoon Fashion: 8 Style Tips to Get You Ready for the Rains

The romantic rains are here. These are times when we want to sit at our windows and gaze at the hypnotic downpour, maybe with a cup of coffee and some hot fritters.

But what happens when we need to step out of our homes? Braving the wetness and sogginess of the streets is not easy, and often it takes a toll on our style. But why should we let rains take away the fun from fashion?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep away the messiness and always step out in style!

Fabrics First

Although the sun remains hidden behind clouds, the humidity can be bothersome. So, it’s very important to choose breathable and comfortable fabrics. They help your skin to breathe and remain fresh, which is vital for fighting germs in this soggy season. Moreover, despite every precaution, we all get drenched in random rainstorms. Hence, it is crucial that you choose fabrics that dry easily, like cotton and chiffon.

Careful about Color

We love pristine whites, pastel pinks and somber greys. But, it’s best to lock away these soft shades for sunnier days because muddy streets can stain our pretty dresses. So, it’s best to stick to dark shades, like bright magenta and bold blues.

Happy Hues

We don’t get to see the sun for days, we need to brave the mucky streets daily, and the sky looks as gloomy as it can get. So, how do we keep our spirits high and bright? By choosing happy and lively colors, like sunny yellows, cheery greens and stunning reds. A palette of vibrant colors will give your sprits the much needed boost to make it through a dull day.

Drape it Right

Saree lovers, who adore draping the 7 yards of sheer beauty, despite the challenges posed by unfavorable weather- we applaud your love and loyalty! And there’s no reason why monsoon should dampen your spirits! If you choose the right fabrics and drape it well, then you can totally rock sarees in the rainy season. Make sure that the saree doesn’t go below the ankles. Pleat it neatly with a handful of safety pins and also keep some in your bag. In case of heavy downpour, cover your head with your pallu.

If you want to indulge in some desi saree shopping online this monsoon, then do explore the gorgeous collection of handloom cotton sarees with price.

Handy Handbags

Sometimes we don’t feel like carrying any extra weight on ourselves and want to leave our bags behind. But, monsoon is not the right time for that. It is essential to carry a handbag during the rainy season, and stuff it with all the essentials, like umbrella, raincoat, plastic bag and waterproof essentials. Moreover, where will you shelter your phone if it starts raining suddenly?

With the availability of women’s bag online in India, it’s now easy to stylishly sail through the rains!

Don’t Cake your Makeup!

Applying makeup in the monsoon can be a big pain because of the humidity. Nevertheless, we need to apply makeup in order to look ‘put together’ for parties. So, it’s important to keep your makeup light and fresh. Opt for matte products and don’t go overboard with the foundation. Blend the beauty products well.

Tie your Tresses

Monsoon brings with it a bag of hair woes. And hence, we must protect our tresses the best we can. Opt for hairstyles like ponytails, braids and buns that prevent your hair from getting messy and damaged.

Trendy Flats

Heel lovers- explore the range of trendy flats for a change. They come in waterproof materials like plastic and are great for wading through water-logged streets in style!